Jessica @iam_mabadiliko

Quickly advanced from being an assistant stylist to our Braiding Specialist by showing off her amazing talent for Braiding Artistry. She also installs Faux locs, Feed-ins, Cornrow styles, and Our specialized Crochet installations.

Buks (bew-ks)a @styledbybuks_

She is a Certified Seamless Crochet Stylist through Our Training Courses Instructed by Jenise Mcbride herself. She caught on quickly and was driven to master the craft. She then decided to join Our Angelically Natural Braiding Shop. She performs all of Our Specialized Crochet techniques as well as, Faux locs, Nubian twist and much more.

Owner, Jenise McBride, @Jenisevmcbride
Master Crochet Braid Artist, Angelically Natural Owner

Over 6 years ago, Jenise McBride, New York native from,
Guyanese descent, decided that she was done with weaves, flat-irons, and relaxers after developing a scalp condition. Her doctor diagnosed a series of treatment and one being a medical shampoo that she had to use weekly. This left her hair dry and brittle. She then decided to begin her natural hair journey. Like many women who decide to "go natural," Jenise discovered there weren't many styling options. So, she decided to change all of that!
Mrs. McBride fell in love with crochet and the idea of what it could be and taught herself by trial and error perfecting and mastering her revolutionized Seamless Crochet braiding techniques. She went on to invent a crochet tool specialized to perform her unique techniques & train others. She and her team had the opportunity to be Mo'nique "The Queen of Comedy" Natural Hair Stylist and Chef Roble.