Protective Styles For Short Natural Hair

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020

There are several perks to having short natural hair: it generally takes less time to wash and style and detangling is often easier as well. If you want to experiment with color, doing it when your hair is short is less risky because the grow out process is much shorter, and since most of your hair is technically “new growth,” your hair will generally be in a healthier state. However, too much manipulation from daily styling can lead to breakage. Protective styles are a great option because they allow you to take a break from daily styling and try out a new look. Here are some great protective style options for short natural hair.

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a great protective style option because they are easy to install and they often have a very natural appearance. Depending on the type of hair you use, many crochet braid styles look similar to many natural hair types.

Box Braids

Box braids are a classic protective style option. Short box braids, such as bob length braids, are an especially great choice if you have short natural hair: not only will they put less stress on your roots, but once your natural hair reaches a certain length, short braids will no longer be an option, so take advantage while you can.

Sew-In Weaves

Sew-in weaves are a popular choice because of the versatility they offer. Human hair extensions look more natural and last longer than synthetic hair; if you purchase high-quality hair and take care of it, you can even reuse the wefts for future styles.

Marley Twists

Marley twists are another great protective style option for short natural hair. You can go with short or long twists, just remember that the longer the style, the heavier the hair will be. Also, keep in mind that medium-sized and chunky twists generally put less stress on your roots.

Faux Afro Puff

If your natural hair hasn’t yet reached your ideal “puff goals” length, you can still achieve the look with the help of a faux pony puff. Gather your natural hair into a high ponytail and secure. You can also do a low ponytail, but the high ponytail is easier for most shorter lengths. Using a drawstring faux puff will allow you to quickly and easily adjust and secure it to your head.

Marley Bun

SImilar to the faux pony puff, you can also use Marley hair to create a high bun on short natural hair. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure. Loop the Marley hair through a ponytail holder first, secure it onto your natural hair, then arrange and pin the hair into a bun. You can do a classic sleek bun or a fun, messy bun.

Bantu Knots

If you’re looking for a protective style option that doesn’t involve adding hair, Bantu knots are a great choice. This style keeps your ends tucked away and protected and as long as you cover your head with a satin bonnet at night, you should have no problem getting them to last.

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Writer, mom, makeup lover and natural hair enthusiast.

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