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There’s a longer video of this on @therealremyredd IGTV but in short. This young lady is using her God given talents to feed her family just like you and I (Hair-Braiders) But in some states in this jacked up world we live in, You must be a licensed cosmetologist in order to do so. When of course they wouldn’t teach you a damn thing about braiding or protectivestyles.



BUT THIS IS WHY I TELL ALL MY STUDENTS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE AWARE OF YOUR STATE LAWS ON PRACTICING MY TECHNIQUES❗️ I would hate for this, (be it unfair), to happen to YOU ❗️I myself have had GA’s secretary of state visit me when I worked out of my home, by the way of a disgruntled patron 🙄... It has happened to the best of us!

Although you’ve tried your best some people you just can’t please. (And then you realize that that’s they’re MO after having been told how terrible all of they’re prior hairstylist has been along with everyone they’ve been to since birth 😩...🤔 But then some of the stylist named are some of the best in their game tho 🧐🤨.... So some of you may have noticed the questionnaire on my site and if you want to know Why!......  it’s to screen my clients 🙌🏾....  I just can’t with the mess!

I reserve the right to service or deny service and preserve my peace from the headache of being scammed for a free or discounted service 😩. (Now don't get me wrong, I take full responsibility if I am to blame). Buuuuuut since my perfectionist complex won't allow me to give less than my very best every time to all of my clients. Whom, I'd like to call my "Walking Billboard's". that's a rarity. 

But listen there is nothing wrong with feedback and/or cristism. Let it help you catapult forward. Accept them as learnt lessons and possibly create solutions to better your business. But what you DON'T do is take it personal looking at it from an emotional perspective which often times tend to allow you to make decisions based off of irrational reasoning. Look at it as what changes do I need to make wether it be for the betterment of your clients, your business or just your plain ol' sanity ....

I believe that was a quick rant, Business Lesson and subject for another day 😳 ANYWHO

Thankfully I am a woman that does thorough research on anything I do. So when they came knocking I was ready❗️ They said, that I’ve been accused of operating a salon out of my home. In which I replied, that I don’t wash hair etc. and that all I do is braiding, which I learned from my previous knowledge through Beauty Professional colleagues of mine. I learnt that you have the right to braid with or without a license and the right to perform said business(es) in a commercial or residential building(s) for money in the State of GA. 

That made me well within my rights and only warranted a written statement for their records. I then asked what is the penalties of this law and if I worked out my home doing so. He explained, I would go to jail and pay a fine if I was operating a salon❗️ This meant doing cosmo stuff which is washing, bleaching, perming and the use of such chemicals etc. (Look up Licensed cosmetologist Laws). 

For many of us this is not a hobby, side job or a gig it is our livelihood. Wether we were trained or self taught we should have the right to charge a deserving wage for our services. We sacrifice time from our family, and some of us who doesn’t sit and work like me 😫 we work hard on our feet for several hours a day eating only when you can or snack binging. We work just as hard at our crafts and have some dope, skilled, and talented women with amazing work. 

 Do you know your State Laws in the (afore)mentioned? TELL US WHAT ARE THEY AND WHAT CITY & STATE? And what are your thoughts?




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