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How to Maintain your Crochet.

All hair requires some form of maintenance wether it be a loose wave, a tight curl, synthetic blend or kanekalon. It all will require maintenance some less than others.

We also offer Crochet Maintenance which includes Detangling, cutting out old hair, possibly tightening up parts and more. Book Full Crochet Maintenance Here

Below we will List the hair from our Collection and explain the maintenance routine, products used, Volume and more.


Low Maintenance

All Goddess Waves , Angelic Curls & Cruzan Curls

-is a silky texture. The hair is a bit on the low maintenance side and low volume style except Cruzan curls (Cruzan Curls cannot be combed out just simply seperate hair to avoid tangling). But remember ALL Crochet has Volume no matter how much I thin it out it will still have a bit volume. Therefore please do not expect it to lay flat as bundles.

Volume does subside a bit within 2 weeks of wear. Cruzan curls does drop significanlty and gives a more longated curl. Fullness is recommended at first because of how these curls drop and gives a completely different look after awhile. Usually when I make it thin for the clients they always come back and ask for a fill cause the back of the install is compromised because of the thinning. Filling in for this hair will be $25 because of prior advisement.

Nighlty routine-  Simply comb the hair starting from the very ends going upward to detangle. I then put it into 2 loose twist and put a satin bonnet on. For Cruzan finger seperate and place in bonnet.

When I wake up in the morning I simply undo the twist and finger comb lighlty if needed. Do not wear the hair into a bun daily. If you do the hair will tangle in the ponytail holder and/ or matte together. If matting starts to occur apply a bit of Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Curl Control and Shine Mist and gently finger comb starting from the ends onward. Cut at any "cobb webbs" or tangles to free from matting, then finger detangle.

Due to the nature of the seamless hairline you will receive some shedding the amount of shedding varies depending on how much blending was needed but it is still minimal. Use the Design essential curl refine mist below to help you finger comb out the shedding bits of hair. 

When Washing your primary focus should always be on cleansing your scalp therefore no scrubbing hair only scalp. You also want to use either a Co-wash or sulfate and paraben free shampoo in order not to strip the hair. These patterns are Water-Friendly.

First, place the hair into 4 or 5 sections and put into twist then you can begin to wash by scrubbing your scalp then rinse. Apply a leave-in conditoner on the hair to keep soft. Apply from the ends then upward using fingers to detangle. Then place back into twist to air dry. Do Not Blow dry hair as you will loose your curls. You can also use GIRL + HAIR  Crochet Washing system below.

When going to the beach/ pool simply place into two pigtail twist or put up in a bun hair should not be loose to avoid tangling. Repeat the same steps above after pool and Beach such a co-wash, leave-in conditioner etc.

Purchase HERE or you can find this item at Bed Bath and Beyond.



Intermediate Maintenance

Hawaiian Curls, Paradise Curls, Peruvian Curls & Columbian Waves

These curl patterns texture or a bit more course as the curls are a bit more tighter therefore more volume should be expected. Usually this hair gets flatter within 2 weeks of wear. These patterns cannot be brushed or combed out or you will loose the pattern of the curls. These curls should only should be finger detangled by gently seperating hair and cutting out all tangles/ cobb webbs to prevent matting. 

Nightly Routine- place into 2 pigtail twist and place into silk bonnet. Be sure not to finagle this hair to much as it stresses the curls and hair.

Maintenance- Apply a small amount of Design Essential Curl Control & Shine Mist to hair and finger detangle. Cut out any frizz and do so at least 2-3 times a week or as needed. Please Do NOT saturate the hair with this product it will reduce the longevity of the curls.

Can Be Purchased at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and your Local Beauty supply store. Go to www.DesignEssentials.com for puchase.

The Only Water-friendly hair in this collection is the Columbian Waves.

All other Hair Beach and Pool is Not advised.

When Washing it's advised to use the above Girl+Hair Washing system.


High Maintenance

Caribbean Curls, Kinky Curly, Guyanese Curls, Amazonian Curls & Kanekalon


These Curls is Voluminous and makes a Big Hair Don't Care Statement.  These curls may require daily maintenance and Not meant to look extra neat and uniformed. It's meant to be worn like an African Queen with her hair blowing freely in the safari lol 

If you're Not a Lover of Big Hair like I am these are Not for you. Kanekalon can be big hair depending on the style but we offer our silk press version that looks and feels similiar to African American hair that is silked pressed. But it is High maintenance since it is mainly similiar to our hair therefore must be maintained similarly. 

Nighlty Routine- Place in Silk Bonnet at night. Can be place into pineapple(Loose ponytail) using an oversized stretchy ponytail holder to be placed into bonnet. Do Not leave in a bun or ponytail for several days it will create matting by the hair being tangled in the ponytail holder over time.

Therefore make sure to pull apart hair and cut out any frizz/cob webbs to ensure it's free from tangling to avoid matting. 

Too much product is not good for these curls as it sometimes makes the hair swell.


Nightly routine- Hair must be wrapped at night if silked pressed, if curled place in desired curl size flexi rods and place in silk bonnet or tie down with silk scarf.

Daily Maintenance- Comb or Brush hair out if needed. Flat Iron hair on the lowest temperature setting which is 250 - 300 f. on most and add a spray moisturizer if needed to bring back luster. Re-Curl using thermal rods only!

Washing- Hair can be washed with sulfate and paraben free shampoo of your choice or cowash. Just be sure to comb out into sections with a small amount of leave-in then blow dry. Then style as desired.

Pool and Beach Not advised but has been done and was fine told by several clients.




Hope this helps when contemplating on which hair to select for your Angelically Natural Seamless Crochet Installation : )

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