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How to Maintain your Crochet.

All hair requires some form of maintenance wether it be a loose wave, a tight curl, synthetic blend or kanekalon. It all will require maintenance some less than others.

We also offer Crochet Maintenance which includes Detangling, cutting out old hair, possibly tightening up parts and more. Book Full Crochet Maintenance Here

Below we will List the hair from our Collection and explain the maintenance routine, products used, Volume and more.


Low Maintenance

All Goddess Waves , Angelic Curls & Cruzan Curls

-is a silky texture. The hair is a bit on the low maintenance side and low volume style except Cruzan curls (Cruzan Curls cannot be combed out just simply seperate hair to avoid tangling). But remember ALL Crochet has Volume no matter how much I thin it out it will still have a bit volume. Therefore please do not expect it to lay flat as bundles.

Volume does subside a bit within 2 weeks of wear. Cruzan curls does drop significanlty and gives a more longated curl....

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