Lesson series

Seamless Hairline Method

Learn The technique that makes Our Crochet Hairline Absolutely Seamless. Braid Pattern and Other installations NOT included.
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  • 6 Chapters
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  • 6 Video
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Become a Seamless Crochet 

You will learn how to create a seamless hairline. Become The Master of your niche with our seamless hairline technique that allows your crochet to look as if it's growing out of your scalp.

Personal brand

Elevate your personal business brand with a new skill that will allow you to increase your prices as a Master in your field.
Meet the instructor

Jenise McBride

Jenise McBride is a Salon Owner with a patented pending technique. She is also a Business Coach in the Beauty Industry and have trained many seamless technicians around the world. She have created an ergonomic Latch Hook Special made for her Innovative Seamless Hairline technique.  Learn the skill that will take your seamless crochet braids to the next level.
Patrick Jones - Course author