Frequently Asked Questions

The Basic is a braiding technique where the hair is tied to cornrowed hair with ABSOLUTELY no hair left out.

Knotless crochet braids is the installation of crochet braids using a looping technique where they are Absolutely No knots.

Knotless crochet braids are the installation of crochet braids using a looping technique where they are Absolutely No knots.

No it is an Original Technique created by Jenise McBride The Founder of Angelically Natural.

The Seamless Hairline Service gives you the ability to wear your hair up in a seamless high bun or ponytail with No Leave Out. This method looks like the hair is growing out of the scalp rather than having that harsh bend when the hair is pulled up. This method is also great for clients that has an undercut or tapered-cut. 

Is the seamless Hairline method used the teasing method? No it's Not the teasing method it's an unique and original technique created By Our Founder of Angelically Natural. Our technique blends the spaces in between the parts for a seamless ponytail or bun, hence the name "Seamless Hairline".

Frontal Parts consist of a middle part and/or side part. The Basic Install includes 1 frontal part, while the Versatile Knotless includes 2 frontal parts. These parts enable you to flip your hair to whichever part you desire. Essentially you can part your hair however you desire with our knotless method and style it however because of our signature braiding foundation.

A 2-Way Vixen gives you the ability to wear your hair half up, half down or into 2 pigtails. It is mainly 1 part down the center of your hair that can either worn vertically or horizontally.

What is a 3-Way Vixen? 
The 3-Way Vixen allows you to wear your hair half up, half down, and/or with 2 pigtails at the crown of your head.

What is a 4-Way Vixen?
A 4-Way Vixen gives you the maximum versatility. You can wear it half up, half down, pigtails and more. It is essentially 2 parts; one vertical part and one horizontal part.

AngelicallyNatural In-House Hair is both Synthetic Blends and Premium Synthetic Hair purchased from a Personal Distributor. For more info on the AngelicallyNatural In-House Hair Collection, please click on our Hair LookBook tab.

Can I bring my own hair? And will The price change? Yes, you can! Please let me know what type of hair you would like to use, since NOT all hair works for crochet braid installations. Also, I only work with certain brands, because some hair companies do not have quality hair. No, there is no change in price, if you choose to bring your own hair. Price is based upon the quality of work and how long it takes to install.

There is no specific time. It really depends on the selection of hair texture, hair installation service, as well as length and courseness of the client's hair. Please check our Services Menu tab for the estimated time. I am a perfectionist and don't like my work to be rushed, so please schedule your appointment accordingly.

Essentially most Crochet braids are full hair. The seamless hairline creates a fuller install but the more parts you get the bigger the hair. Therefore, all Vixen styles will have big hair, unless your getting the silk pressed Kankelon hair install. (Please Do Not Book if your allergic to kanekalon or synthetic hair)

Please note no matter how much we this it out crochet will have volume.

AngelicallyNatural Kanekalon Install is hair that closely mimics African-American hair. When installed in its natural state, the hair resembles a blowout and is soft in texture. When pressed, it looks like permed, straightened hair or yaki virgin hair. The parts and hairline are seamless and looks like its your own. The hair is installed using a looping technique making it completely knotless! Your hair can blow in the wind without the embarrassment of exposed knots or braids. This hair can also be styled, curled and re-curled in multiple different ways and is the most versatile.


Yes we Ship to the U.S & Canada only at this time.

Yes we do. We always ask my clients to send a picture, in confidence, just to assess your hair and see what hair and installation technique is best for you.

No, We are Not a full service salon and in compliance with the state law we only provide braiding shop services and protective styling.

We have available appointments Tuesday - Saturday from 9am - 6pm,  plus Saturday @ 8am, 10am, and 12pm. Mondays are Reserved for Take downs & Consultations Only! We have multiple stylist that accepts different availabilities and appointment times.

You can book an appointment by clicking on the Booking tab. Select a date, time from the time slots available, hair texture, installation service, and complete questionnaire. A Deposit of $35 & Up is required to book. (YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION 48HRS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT).

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment, if the date you want is available. 
No more than 2 cancellations will be allowed. Otherwise, you will forfeit your deposit and blocked from booking again.


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