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Jenise McBride

"Hi there! I'm Jenise McBride, a passionate innovator and inventor in the world of hair care and styling. With a background in the Braiding, I've dedicated myself to revolutionizing the beauty industry through inventive solutions.

My journey began with a vision to transform traditional crochet braids methods for African American women with natural hair, lead me to develop and patent the groundbreaking concept of "The Seamless Crochet Hairline". Through meticulous research and a deep understanding of the needs in the beauty sector, I engineered a technique that merges ease, comfort, and elegance seamlessly.

This Technique allowed me to Create Financial Freedom in more ways than one while traveling, teaching and enjoying my favorite past times.

Over The Course of 8 years of teaching online and hands-on I created a unique online platform that is curtailed to the needs of individual learning styles with a supportive community base to help you thrive in your journey to developing a successful business.

With this course you will have the opportunity to Enjoy the Freedom of Creating Your Own Hours and Earn While Your Learn. No More Long Hours over someone's head missing out on life. Buy your Time back with just $37 a month or $444.

It's Self Paced therefore you can finish in 6 month, a year etc. The choice is up to you. You can Unsubscribe at Anytime and Re-enroll at anytime. I'm a Mom and a Wife, so I understand Life be Lifing at times. Even when things get rough remember your Why's. Mines is my family but personally it's about Purpose, Passion and Prosperity.

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Learn The Seamless Hairline Technique

We'll teach you how to create a Seamless Crochet Hairline That looks like it's growing directly from your scalp.

Featured On High Profile Clients

Andrene Hammond Actress

Nzinga Imani Actress/Singer

Porsha Williams, Reality Star (ATL Housewife)

Mo'Nique (Queen of Comedy) & Emmy award winning actress

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